Sleeping in Shifts (part1)

1 min readJan 31, 2023

sleeping in shifts,

because the words are piercing my dreams;

with schemes that alter the backdrop of my dreams.

like the faces of hypothetical lovers changing,

into past indiscretions ranging

from lust to high key vibrational loves.

listening to music with high notes that soar like doves.

Something about the melody has captured me

spinning, tossing, hurling, shaking and stirring the essence of me into ideas of WE.

like this endeavor has shredded parts of the moral tapestry

that has stood the test of infinite lifetimes great stories.

these words knew my moods.

they took my dreamscape and used colorism to make my gray skies blue.

it was in those subtle flavors of color that my dreams began to entice.

entice the palette of my mind, awakening appetites.

Sleeping in shifts,

watching my heart drift out to sea

wondering how come my heart can float so effortlessly?

could it be that the density of my thoughts out weigh that of my heart?

it has to be; as my thoughts weigh me down, but the feelings in my heart are lighter than helium.

maybe this is why I sleep in shifts, mind vs heart, the great conundrum!


it’s the way the words create a silhouette of perfection,

it’s the way they pour unto the pages of life, like bodily secretions.

there is a rhythm to each letter that allows the forming of words into sentences,

creating passionate boundaries to keep loves secrets; living in all the tenses, both future and present.

sleeping in shifts.

-HennessyJ. ©️2023




Writing is my way of coping with the beauty of life.