Joy of Pain

2 min readJan 11


I found peace in a vase similar to this.

I wanted my remains in one, but I hoped it came with a lid.

Perhaps my ashes would get caught up in a whirlwind?

But that vase was not an urn; it had stars draped all over it.

It gave me feelings of endless possibilities.

Each portion of it represented multiple galaxies.

And each galaxy had clusters of diamonds, with a multitude of facets.

Each facet represented a side of me that lived within this solid tapestry, that was baked into a very seductive shape.

In some cultures this shape was that of life.

It was in this shape that I prayed, for a more abundant life.

It was this life that I pursued, even though reality kept its on restrictive views.

Somehow this tale of HIStory became a lesson on Pain.

And HERstory was born of the rain….

In the end it all came down to series of faux plants in a vase.

She made the assumption that while they were appealing to the eye.

Real plants often die.

So, she would replicate the beauty of life, and subtract the concept of death.

She believed that in creating something without breath, a feeling like death could never exist.

-HennessyJ. ©2023