2 min readMar 16, 2023


I went looking for you in a place that was supposed be peaceful.

It had the most beautiful sunset; even though it wasn’t on full display.

The sun was tucked away behind clouds of grey.

As I walked off the shoreline,listening to the soothing sounds of the waves.

I couldn’t help but search the horizon for a glimpse of you; I guess I still wanted a piece of you.

This place that should have been peaceful, was filled with violence.

From the way the sky’s brow furrowed, making the clouds grey.

To the aggressive way the waves lashed out at the shoreline, pulling me deeper into the sea.

As I was pulled out to sea; I searched the horizon for a lifeline, and I could remember thinking is this the end of me?

I witnessed the sun shining behind a cloud, radiating the most beautiful of hues.

And that is then I knew, that there is beauty in everything, but we are in control of the view.

I wanted to find you, so that I could save you.

But even as I created fantasies of being your tried and true; these illusions only robbed me of the most honest parts of you.

It was in the melancholy of the clouds that I heard the echoing thoughts of doubt.

It was in the sweet song of the waves crashing, that I felt my first melody resonate.

And it was not until I drowned that I realized what life was all about.

But now this beautifully horrendous scene was the back drop to my dream as my last breath escaped.

-HennessyJ. ©️2023




Writing is my way of coping with the beauty of life.