Oct 24, 2022


I have an appetite

And my stomach always growls at night

See I like to feast in the moonlight

Sometimes I eat outside

Other times I eat inside

See I can turn almost any environment, to a bed-side.

Let me not get away from my thoughts

I prefer my meal to be hot

But not piping, it must be fresh, and natural, I don’t Like when its store bought.

Like farm to table.

I want to eat everything that sits below her navel.

But I do have manners; I just prefer to prove to her, that I am more than capable.

I have an appetite

If it is not fed, I could lose my sight.

I need this nourishment to maintain my might.

How does the song go…. Lord I ain’t Living right people are starving….

And they know

I have an Appetite.

-HennessyJ. ©️2022




Writing is my way of coping with the beauty of life.