1 min readAug 26, 2020


From empty hallways to sold out stadiums, I hope to live on forever in the echoes of their craniums.

I wish to be The one amongst the greats, and live this life with no shame, just doing what feels good, with relatively no pain.

I hope to fall amongst the stars, even though my aim was the moon. I know that I will miss every shot that I don’t take, because of that, I choose to shoot.

I have seen my dreams deferred, and watched me lose hope by default. But I always return to the first one, because she always loved me by default.

I just want to be dope enough to be on a wall of Greats. And possibly get paid like I weigh, I guess that is why God gave me this weight?

I can only sit back and pray, because of the way my feet are planted some would think that I am prey. Unfortunately I asked for forgiveness, so that when the rain fell it would only part my waves, and not drown me in an ocean like slaves.

And all of this happened because you told me that I inspired you….

Imagine if we could literally set these words on fire too?

Oh how delicate would that flame be? How enticing are the shades of blue?

Hoping to be a pure as the white of the flame. Thank you for showing true interest beyond the game… thank you for making feel like a Great.

For I am truly a fan of you.

-HennessyJ. ©2020




Writing is my way of coping with the beauty of life.