Clairvaux’s to Caldwell’s

2 min readFeb 17, 2023


I felt it when it broke,

I thought it was life’s cruel joke.

It would seem I was on a path, one littered with good intentions.

It was almost surreal,

How the sky was a deep burgundy, and the clouds were gray.

The world seemed cold, but the air was warm.

I listened to the whispers, and focused on my self.

I guess what I believed to be heaven turned out to be some place else.

At first it was fun, the mystery of it all, but then came out the gun, and everything was attached to a cost.

See this was a spiritual jacking, they had managed to pull me so far I had lost my spiritual backing.

I thought I was amazing grace’s lost, you know the part about where we could be found, but in actuality I was the wretch, and there was not saving me.

As the sky got to a brighter shade of orange, the clouds became angry and turned black.

Hail began to plummet to the ground, as the wind was shrieking

Making my trek that more uncomfortable. The feelings of joy had all but drowned in the screaming of the wind.

My mind had begun to shatter as I could hear the mumblings of prayer, but it was washed out due to the fragments of my mind, being so badly damaged.

As I continued to walk, my bones ached, and my skin felt like sandpaper was being rubbed against it.

The farther I walked the louder the music got. The music sounded so lively, it was almost trance-like.

I could feel every painful step but the words to the song willed my body…

As I walked, and walked until the light was so blinding that my eyes were useless, but I steadily marched on to the beat of the song.

A song that had a familiarity to it, but I just could place it.

And then I sliped off; and I fell,

I fell like the hail,

And I shrieked like the wind,

And just as I began to believe I would fall forever …

I awoke in my bed, with a song stuck in my head…

What you wont do, do for Love ?

-HennessyJ. ©️ 2023




Writing is my way of coping with the beauty of life.